Social Media Ambassadors

A social media ambassador is someone who is passionate about UNCG, excited about Homecoming and willing to spread the word on their social networks.

Five Ways to Help:

  1. Sign up to be a Social Media Ambassador and tell 5 friends or fellow classmates to sign up.
  2. Stay tuned to your email from now until Homecoming for photos, video and fun content to share. The more you post, the better homecoming will be!
  3. Change your profile pictures and cover photos to the Homecoming graphics – you can download them from the toolkit below.
  4. Dedicate all of your #tbt posts from now until 11.1.14 to your favorite photos from college or past homecoming memories. Make sure to include a “Save the Date” plug at the bottom of your posts. Example: “This #tbt is dedicated to #uncgHC14 taking place on 11.1.14. You can register at”
  5. Use the #uncgHC14 hashtag in all of your posts!

Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan.

Logos & Graphics:

Homecoming Logo

(Click on logo image to download for use as a Facebook or Twitter avatar).

Homecoming 2014 Logo Avatar

Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Photo (851 x 314)– click on image to download larger version:

Facebook Cover Photo for Homecoming 2014


Twitter Cover Photo (1500 x 500)– click on image to download larger version:

Twitter Cover Photo for Homecoming 2014

Photo Posts

Click on photos to download larger versions:

Bonfire at Homecoming“Join me at the #uncgHC14 bonfire and costume contest! 10.31.14”
Homecoming crowd at Kaplan Commons“Let’s make the crowd even bigger for #uncgHC14! Meet me on 11.1.14 at Kaplan Commons!”
Homecoming Parade“Show your Spartan spirit at the annual #uncghc14 parade! 11.1.14”
Homecoming fireworks display“Spartan soccer, fireworks and old friends? Count me in! #uncgHC14 - 11.1.14”